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Letīs rock (1997) Split with Cellophane Suckers


Label: New Lifeshark Re.
Both bands cover "We will rock you" from Queen, a song from each other band and the third song is about the other band.
Song #1 appears on the CD version of the "Itīs a sexy burnout" album.


Jet Bumpers:

1. Lets do the raupe
2. We will rock you
3. California girl
Cellophane Suckers:

4. We will rock you
5. Crazy dogs
6. Talk too much


Split with The Backwood Creatures (1999)


Label: Fanboy Rec. Trackliste:

Jet Bumpers:

1. (I get my kicks in) Backwood City
4. Iīve got a girlfriend too

Backwood Creatures:

2. Summer of the century
3. Jet Bumpers Racing Team

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