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A tribute to the dead boys (1999) 7inch

Label: Rockin´ bones rec.  
Limited to 200 copys, onesided. 

Jet Bumpers - Sonic reducer

Other bands:
Pleasure Fuckers und Spieder Babies


Smells like Spring (1997) 2x LP

Label: Intensive scare rec.

 Jet Bumpers - Hangin out (with myself)

Other bands:
Turbo ACs, Pleasure Fuckers, Candy Sntachers, Stitches, Sonic Dolls, Terrorgruppe, ......


Ox Compilation #28 (1997)
Label: Ox Records (Free CD with Fanzine)
6000 copies

Jet Bumpers - I talk too much

Other bands:

Samiam, Nobodys, Vice Barons, Rawside, Baffdecks....

OX Compilation #31 (1998)
Label: Ox Rec. (Free CD with Fanzine)
6000 copies

Jet Bumpers - Angel of protection

Other bands:

TV Killers, Avial, The Donnas, Bambix, Zen Guerilla, Safety Pins....


Weird, Waxed & Wired 2x LP

Label: Radioblast Rec. + Ox Rec. 

Jet Bumpers - Theme from Cheers

Tons of (garage-) punkbands on this double-LP


Crazy Mongo Party (1998)


Label: World Lowlife Found Rec.

Jet Bumpers - You´re not my queen

Other bands: 
Stereo Total, Cheeks, Gee Strings, Marcel Bontempi, Steve McQueens, Hippriests, ...


TOTAL PANNE 2 (1996)

Label: Ziegenkopf Rec.

Jet Bumpers - Dirty romance

Other bands:
Daddy Memphis, Lokalmatadore, Bradleys, Die Kassierer, Else Admire, The Yuppies,


Unexpected Flying Objects (10")(1999)

Label: Flying Revolver Blatt Rec.
1000 copies, hand-numbered.

Jet Bumpers - Kim

Other bands:
Turbo ACs, Flaming Sideburns, Cellophane Suckers, Lombego Surfers, Sonny Vincent, Scared of Chaka, ....



Label: Sounds of Subterrania

Jet Bumpers -Gimme gimme action

Other bands:
Superfan, Cellophane Suckers, Lightning Beatman, Los Assdraggers, Shake Appeal, Hippriests, .....


GOD SAVE THE KING (A Tribute in Punk to Elvis)(1998)

Label: Homesick rec.
1000 copies.

Jet Bumpers - Rubberneckin`

Other bands:
Radiation Kings, Great Unwashed, Les Jacks, Demolition Girl, Boonaraas, Scamps, ....


Straight into the action (1997)

Label: Wild weekend rec.

Jet Bumpers - Summer of the century

Other bands:
Eaglebauers, Jabberwocky, Cheeks, Boonaraaas,No-Talents, Scumbag Roads, Dog Food Five, Lowlander, Bazookas, .......


Too hot to handle (1996)

Label: Homesick records
Copies: 1000

Jet Bumpers - I need a yesterday
Other bands:
Steve Mc Queens, Boonaraaas, Vageenas, Leitplanke,Heebie Jeebies, Dishwater,......


Hypecity No.1 (2000)

Label: Valve rec.

Jet Bumpers - I wanna be like Milhouse
Jet Bumpers - Liz Taylor ain`t 25 no more

Other bands:
Cheeks, Sonic Dolls, Cellophane Suckers, Cave 4, Radiation Kings, Boonaraaas, Eaglebauers, Embryonics, ....

Pogo in der Gegengeraden (1997)
Label: Wolverine Rec.

Jet Bumpers - Hooligan-Mädchen

Other bands:
Siggi Pop, Lokalmatadore, Public Toys, Kick Joneses, Hass und viele andere.

Punk Chartbusters III (1998) Disc 2
Label: Wolverine Rec.

Jet Bumpers - Radar Love

Other bands:
Bradleys, Snuff, Ärzte, Jeff Dahl, Siggi Pop, No fun at all....etc..

A Squeal of blurr Vol.2 (1999)
Label: Blurr Rec. 

Jet Bumpers - 3 Fragezeichen

Other bands:
Bratseth, Weakerthans, Avail, Muff Potter, Gluecifer,Teempo Zero, Buttmaul, Rocket from the crypt, Bandit Jazz, Superjack, Craving, Stereo total, Einleben, Bluetip, Guts pie earshot, Dackelblut, Sonic Dolls
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