Welcome to  JETBUMPERS.COM!!

HI, and welcome to the semi-official website of the german punkband JET BUMPERS. This site was made in cooperation with Jenz Bumper. But the band doesn´t exist anymore, and so this is more like a Jet-Bumpers-archive.

The heart of this website is the MP3 archive. There you´ll find all, yes ALL songs, the Bumpers ever released. (Well, 2 songs are still missing, but we´re working on it!) And the songs can be downloaded completely free! So check em out! 

For everyone who´s never heard of the band before, or for re-freshing your memory, there´s a little history with some pictures. Here´s the discography, the other stuff and some links as well. 

If you enjoy this page, feel free to leave a message in the Guestbook. Finally I wanna thank everybody who made this site possible. Especially Jens, of course.