Itīs a sexy burnout (1998) LP Version


Label: Radioblast Rec.
Song # 13 + #16 are LP only! #16 is a Hidden-track (and a  cover)
The LP has a huge cover art and a comic inside.


1. Kick some ass tonight
2. Angel of protection
3. Letīs do it froggy style
4. Just let me know
5. Universal Jerk
6. Wimpiness
7. And I sweat
8. Time for action
9. Non-emotional-asshole type of guy
10. Be my nurse
11. Youīre not wild enough to be my girl
12. And the chemical industry just wonders why
13. Backstage baby
14. Saturday night
15. Sheīs into Satan 
(16. My old manīs a fatzo)


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